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Well i am def. going to be writting in this place a lot.

Well i am 15 adn i have problems but not as big as any ones elses though you might think but to me they are.

If you you guys or girls have any advice for me i would appreciate that a lot.

Well one problem that i have is that i can't stand up for my relationship. My girlfriend and i have been dating for a year and two months and i love her to death. I truely believe that me and her will be together forever. But like my mom, doesn't want me to date her (i think?) But like she wont me sleep over her house all the time or when ever i want too. And like its not like i can get pregnant and shit. But like i want to be like "look bitch! i love m.b. and i am going to be with her for a long as time and i am going to sleep over here tonight no matter what you say." But like i jsut can't cause like she hangs up the phone on me or changes the subject of blasts the music and like i dont want to loose my girlfriend. How should i stand up to my mom? and what should i say? i no i sound like a pussy but i tried everything. nothing works with this lady. please help me.

another problem is that my moms boyfriend dave is a prick and like i am going ot kill him one of these days . hes always laughing at me cause i am gay and like i say fuck you you asshole. and like we get into fights and some times i punch him of push him against the wall and then punch him. Some one has to help me with these problems. Can some one? or just ignore this and read some one elses entry. Bye.

i will write more later on...

even though no one else will care...


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