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  i have a bad feeling about this school year, even if people say that junior year is the best. i hope they're right, because for the past 2 first years of high school, its a loser with no friends at all, ..i just basically ended it with my only friend.... i feel so mad all of the time. its doesnt seem like i should be complaining about my life, but i cant stand it. my mom wont listen to my secret plees of comfort. shes oblivious. no one knows how i really feel, that im depressed constantly. i just want to crawl up in a ball, and sometime i fall asleep, hoping that maybe ill never wake up again. what a dissapointment when the morning comes. a new day of being lonely. i have to constantly wear a mask to hide who i am, so no one will discover that im a freak of nature, who doesnt have or deserve any love. i dont know what to think anymore.

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