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New here... please be kind...

So I guess this is one of those introduction posts, huh? So I'm 17, gay (with slight bisexual inclinations now and then) and in the closet. I know, I know, but I live in a rather homophobic society (Israel) and conditions have forced me to stay in for a while longer. My parents know, as do my best of friends. I'm going through the same shit we all go through, I guess. I'm romantic to the bone, and I've never had a relationship. Not only that, because of this stupid closet, I won't have one for two years more. And I yearn for it....

Well, I'm here to talk about my issues, and hear about yours. Please don't leave me hanging....
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im a 17 year old suicidal father hater. sounds like we mesh. ^_^

my friend liz ( is in the same boat 'cept starting to come out of the closet.

ever want help just post on our journals. later
BeeZer and LiZ


January 6 2004, 19:27:44 UTC 14 years ago

you have no reason to be suicidal your life isnt that bad and if you really think your suicidal KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF ALREADY AND STOP COMPLANING!!!!
excuse me you dont fucking know me. so why dont you just fuck off, loser
I'm with BeeZer here. What the fuck do you know? And how insensitive are you to offer someone to do something as terrible as take her own life?

I'd suggest you take a moment to think about what you said, and develop some feelings. Ever hear of those? Its a human thing.
I can't say that I know what you're going through, per se, but one of my classmates was under similar conditions... The only advice I can offer is study hard and move to a place where you can have sexual freedom when possible...
Although I'm not gay however the following are my advices for you:

1.I guess you need to move somewhere where people are alright with homosexuality. For example: Australia, the U.S.A., Germany, Sweden, the Netherland, etc.
2. It is good that your parents and your best friends know you're gay.
3. Probably you need to convince your parents so you can study overseas. Tell them the condition in Israel isn't good for study for whatsoever reasons et cetera.